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E-mail Attachment Management Solution

CFI Slingshot™ is an enterprise solution that solves the major e-mail attachment challenges facing businesses today. These include size, space, security, bandwidth, and audit. Slingshot is available two ways: it can be purchased as a software-based application that installs on your server, or as a hardware-based appliance that provides plug-and-play functionality right out of the box.

Slingshot converts your email system into a true tool for increased communication within and outside your organization while adding a management system that complies with audit and government regulations. 

  • Send files of any size
  • Eliminate mailbox congestion, reduce e-mail storage
  • Centralize security, control, and management
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption


Deployment Options:

Slingshot can be deployed in two ways:

  • An installable, software-based solution
  • A hardware-based appliance

Slingshot can easily be deployed at any company as a standalone solution to their e-mail attachment challenges. Interested in Slingshot and our other managed file transfer solutions? Slingshot can be easily integrated with the CFI Suite to give you a single complete solution. Your third option is our "plug-and-play" hardware solution. Our appliance contains all the benefits (size, space, security, bandwidth, etc.) of its software counterpart in a hardware-based appliance.



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